Psychology Mentoring Outreach & Education 

PsyMORE aims to promote student empowerment through peer mentorship, guidance, and education. 

Mission Statement
 The PsyMORE Program was established to assist high school, community college, and underclassmen undergraduate students begin their journeys in the exciting world of psychology. Through this peer mentorship program, our goal is to empower and motivate students to take an active role in their academic progress through outreach and education. We aim to navigate and guide mentees to have successful and fulfilling journeys in the field of psychology. Mentors will provide a much-needed connection to the realities of seeking a Bachelors degree in Psychology at SDSU.  The ultimate goal is to link incoming and new Psychology students with the resources and guidance leading to successful academic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal development.  All those seeking knowledge about Psychology coursework, research, and professional development opportunities are welcome.   


This website was last updated November 2021.
Contact Information: 
Director of Mentorship: Chloe Sobolewski 

Director of Outreach: Krista Confetti
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Mentor of the Month
February 2022

Caroline Fairbanks

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